With experienced and friendly
crew combined with the most comfortable boats in the fleet Big C Charters can’t be beat.


Whale Watching Season
April – November
Fishing Season
Halibut: March – September
Salmon: April – October
Rockfish: May – November
TUNA: JULY – october
Crab: November

Outer Limits

Our 55 foot catamaran provides a fast and stable experience on the water. Great for fishing, whale watching or just cruising the bay.




Rod Rental: $20
Weights: 2 for $20
16 person cap

Private Charter


Rod Rental: $20
Weights: 2 for $20
18 person cap

Whale Watching

Kids: $150PP

40 person cap

private Charter

40 person cap

Custom Excursions

Billed by the hour minimum of 2 hours

30 person cap

Chasin’ Crustacean

Our well known 35 foot “6 pack boat” carries a maximum of 6 passengers and specializes in fishing. It’s one of the largest 6 passenger vessels in Northern California.




Rod Rental: $20
Weights: 2 for $20
6 person cap

private Charter



The team

Christian Cavanaugh

Captain, Owner

As a young boy Christian lived to fish. Every chance he had, he was down at the docks working his way onto one of the charter boats. In 2005 he left the Bay Area to attend the University of Maine.

After college he was lucky enough to spend four seasons playing professional basketball in Europe. Throughout it all, he never lost his love for fishing and is thrilled to be back on the waters he's always called home.

Christian has been a deck hand on the Outer Limits and several other Sausalito party boats for over 15 years. Being 6'8" with a 7 foot wing span, he's earned the nickname "stretch" for his ability to net fish, long distances from the boat. In 2013 he passed his 100 ton masters exam and became a licensed captain. His passion and dedication show in his work as well as his catch success rate!

Court Mast


Court moved to San Francisco in the 1970 where carved out a niche in the ‘80s as a freelance photojournalist covering news and sports.  Between photo assignments, Court was in the water—bodyboard surfing at Ocean Beach and whitewater rafting on Western rivers.

In the ‘90s he founded a commercial photography company catering to Dot-Com corporations and moved to a houseboat in Sausalito.  By 2000 he was fishing for salmon on party boats, and after retiring from photography in 2010 Court became a regular salmon fisherman on the Outer Limits.  He earned his captain’s license driving many OPBs (Other People’s Boats), and now he’s come full circle—driving the Outer Limits!

Court considers himself a craftsman and an improviser.  So being a boat captain is a perfect fit, requiring technical, mechanical and people skills … AND … a love of the water.

Matt Zidek


Matt starting fishing on the Outer Limits when we was 12 years old. A Marin County local Matt is one of the most accomplished fishermen for his age on the west coast. He’s the proud owner of the commercial crab boat Crown Royal out of San Francisco. Matt is passionate about working hard. He has 10 plus years experience deck handing on charter boats all over the Bay Area. He also has a 100 ton masters captains license.

Colby Ralls

Deck Hand

Colby’s love for the water began as a young child and today, is exemplified in his passion for fishing, surfing, boating and being in or on the water for hours on end.

He began fishing at the age of 3, and now hits up any ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans and jetties, whether at home or on vacation. He loves to learn about new techniques on YouTube and sharpens his skills after school and on the weekends with his dad on their Grady White, catching everything from salmon, halibut and crab to stripers and recently, a 130 lb Blue Fin tuna. When he’s not fishing, he’s surfing and will stay in the water all day if given the choice.

He began working for the Outer Limits and Chasing Crustacean in 2022 and is hooked. He’s extremely personable, knows his way around a fishing boat and is at home on the water. Colby loves to share his passion for the water and everything that comes with it.

Alisa Keenan


Alisa is an ecologist and marine naturalist, with a decade of experience leading whale watching trips in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves to engage and educate passengers on the natural history of the incredible wildlife found in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and is particularly passionate about seals, sea lions and humpback whales. Alisa holds a B.S. in Biology from Sonoma State University and an M.S. in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco.


What should I wear?

Dress in layers. It’s typically cold in the morning and warms up as the day goes on. Pants, jackets and sneakers are best. Don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses! Binoculars are a great addition for the whale watching trips, if you have some! 

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, you need to purchase a one day fishing license for your trip (unless you have an annual license) through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Tips for purchasing:

  • Go here
  • Enter your birthday and last name in the "Customer Search Criteria"
  • If you are triggered "customer not found", click to register as a new customer
  • Enter your state license number & personal details
  • Select the option for a sport fishing license, costing $17.54 and the date of your trip
  • Download the PDF immediately, as you may lose access soon after your purchase

Will I catch a fish?

Our success rate is extremely high and we limit the amount of passengers to increase the odds of YOU catching a fish. However, it’s never a guarantee. We will give it our all to ensure you go home happy.

Will we see whales?

We have a high success rate of seeing whales on these trips. We also target lots of other amazing marine life and birds that are unique to our coastline.

What if I get seasick?

If prone to seasickness, we suggest you take dramamine prior to arrival (1-2 hours).

Should I bring food?

Yes. Bring whatever you would like to eat or drink for the day.

Can I bring alcohol?

Beer and wine is allowed, but we have a strict no hard alcohol policy.

Are your trips family friendly?

We provide a fun, family friendly atmosphere and would gladly welcome kids over the age of 5 on board for fishing and whale watching. (We recommend the half day for whale watching for children).

Will you cook our crab?

Yes! Fish restaurant offers cooking for $2 a crab.